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Forward Contracting
Forward Contracting is a purchasing concept that allows restaurant operators to increase profitability by fixing center-of-the-plate costs. This concept enables Marcus Food to purchase product for you when the market moves to your best advantage. By utilizing our proven methods, you eliminate the weekly chore of price/data accumulation. And, in addition, your units are assured of a consistent source of supply.
Inventory Control
We have the demonstrated ability, proven financial stability and dedicated team to purchase your inventory when pricing is most advantageous to you. We then warehouse product at convenient national storage locations, allowing you to draw down inventory on an as needed basis.
Direct Import and Export
As one of the largest center-of-the-plate marketing companies, we not only comb the domestic market, but also the import markets for the best product to price values. Our import and export department has relationships in over 19 foreign countries, enabling Marcus Food to literally comb the world for product.