Mixed assortment of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Veggies

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Our F&V department specializes in sourcing and distribution of frozen fruits and vegetables to over 50 countries worldwide. Our mission is to connect reputable buyers and sellers internationally in an effort to provide and ensure the highest standard of quality products and customer service levels.

With years of experience in the industry our staff is at your disposal to ensure that all your import/export needs are met with the utmost level of professionalism. We also provide door to door logistics with capability to deliver to any location in North America.

Small sample of the products that we source are as follows:
  • IQF Strawberries
  • IQF Blackberries
  • IQF Raspberries
  • IQF Mixed Berry Blend
  • IQF Rhubarb
  • IQF Mango
  • IQF Blueberries
  • IQF Cherries
  • IQF Cranberries
  • IQF Currants
  • IQF Grapes
  • IQF Celery
  • IQF Asparagus
  • IQF Green Beans (cut & whole)
  • IQF Onions
  • IQF Peppers (red & green)
  • IQF Peas
  • IQF Carrots
  • IQF Spinach
  • IQF Corn
  • IQF Celery

We also source a variety of frozen/aseptic puree's and concentrates.